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AI doomsday talk is too sci-fi… it’s a tool, not a creature: Sam Altman

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, believes that rather than endanger mankind, AI risks becoming a tool of oppression in the hands of dictators. In a discussion that was a part of the ET Conversations event, Altman was reacting to a remark made by Samir Jain of The Times of India Group.

Regarding Harari’s cautions against AI, Jain questioned Altman. “Harari and I had dinner together a few nights ago. In Tel Aviv, we discussed this, said Altman. While many of the worries are, in Altman’s opinion, very sci-fi (he was probably thinking of Elon Musk’s claims of “civilization destruction” here), the scenario that he considers actually terrifying and “not super far away” is the abuse of AI by repressive governments.

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Sam Altman’s reply on risks of AI:

Jain also asked a question that combined the two pillars of humanity: intelligence and love. Jain questioned Altman, “What’s been the progress in making AI capable of love if love is as important for humans as intelligence?” Sam Altman replied, “I hope we don’t all fall in love with robots, it would be very depressing. Instead, he wishes for us all to develop into the finest versions of ourselves, with AI serving as our mentor and helper. “This debate over whether AI is a tool or a living thing really perplexes a lot of people. It also baffled me for a long. However, I now believe that we are mostly creating a tool and not a living thing. And that makes me very happy. We will keep moving in that way, in my opinion,” Sam Altman added.

CBFC Chairperson Prasoon Joshi was concerned that if the tool were to become too powerful, it would lessen the personal satisfaction we derive from our work and our creativity. “In my opinion, when you offer individuals better tools, they produce better, more amazing results. The floor rises, and the standards rise in response, said Sam Altman. Swati Bhargava, co-founder of CashKaro, questioned Altman on the subject of inventing something that doesn’t already exist on how he keeps inspiration high throughout his business. We are quite concerned about talent density, Altman said. Many businesses employ talented individuals, but if even a small number of average individuals are present, they tend to behave much like neutron absorbers and things tend to go awry. We therefore make a great effort to have a high talent density.

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