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Gold Prices in India on April 25: Know new rates in Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

The gold prices on April 25 in India remained above Rs 60,000 in many cities. The gold rate today of 10 grams of 24-carat was priced at Rs 60,930 at around 10.30 am (yesterday Rs 60,710). The same quantity of 22-carat miscellany cost Rs 55,850 (yesterday it was Rs 55,650. On the other hand, silver was priced at Rs 76,700 per kilo. And, yesterday’s rate of silver was Rs 76,400 per kilo.

On Multi Commodity Exchange, gold futures maturing on June 05, 2023, were trading today at Rs 60,055 (yesterday Rs 59,850). On the other hand, Silver, maturing on May 05, was at Rs 74,866 (yesterday Rs 74,425).

Gold prices in India are generally influenced by various factors, including global economic conditions, inflation rates, currency fluctuations, and local demand and supply dynamics. The price of gold in India is typically cited in rupees per gram or per 10 grams and can vary based on the purity of the gold, with 24-karat gold being the purest form.

As far as retail prices in different cities are concerned, 22-carat gold was Rs 56,300/10 grams in Chennai. Similarly, the Tamil Nadu capital city has a Rs 61,420 per 10-gram retail price of 24-carat gold. Coimbatore also has similar prices for both categories of gold.

On the other hand, the western city of Ahmedabad has a retail gold price of 22-carat gold at Rs 55,900. And that of 24-carat is Rs 60,980 per 10 grams in the city.

In North India, there was a rise in prices on Tuesday after three days of continuous fall.

Here are the live gold prices in different cities on April 25.

City22 carat/10 grams (in Rs.)24 carat/10 grams (in Rs.)
Hyderabad 55,85060,930
Bhuvneshwar 55,85060,930
Lucknow 56,00061,080
Jaipur 56,00061,080

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